i am grace


hi there!

tl;dr: 25, bay area transplant & LA native, baker, jesus, coffee, fries & ice cream (but not together). i like making lists, so things you'll find on this blog:

  • amateur food photography

  • lists and tl;drs

  • recipes, mostly sweets

  • weak puns but please laugh anyway

  • friends and office references

  • things about my life that you may or may not care to read

  • this emoji: 🤷‍♀️ (it's the girl shrugging emoji in case you can't see it)

  • lowercase letters

i started this baking venture six years ago during my second year of college. I think I struck gold, because I found something that has become such a big part of my life. Baking has become a way for me to destress, be creative, and serve others. It's become one of my love languages, but is that even possible??

My faith takes center stage in my life (or at least I strive for it to be)- so you will find spiels about that here. My goal when I started blogging and baking was always to be as transparent as possible, which included sharing about my struggles and my faith. that's still my goal now. I am a Christian, and I believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

You can find my more recent snippets of my baking projects on this very website, but if you want to dig deep into the early days and find college me and very very very amateur photography, feel free to look here. I do think there are some solid recipes on there, some of which will make its way here. You can also read more about this under the wordpress archives subsection under the about tab.